What is unique about C'est Moi Magazine? 

We are a multi-faceted magazine that recognizes the beauty of editorial, fashion, illustration, graphics, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, music, travel, culture, and much more. Our aim is to bring everyone together and be a part of others who love to step out of the box. We are open to all open submissions. Our team is based in Paris, Atlanta, and California, so we draw inspiration from many works of life. We love growth, so why not allow others to grow with us.

What are your views on retouching? 

We do tend to shy away from heavily and overly processed work. We keep in mind that how we see things on social media or on the web does not always translate well on print. Our goal is to make sure everyone's work is well represented. We love barely or less than noticeable retouching. We love it, print loves it.

What is your deadline time?

Our deadlines are the 29th of every month and the magazine is released two weeks after the deadline.

Are you an online magazine only? 

No. Our magazine is available in print.

How will I know if my work was approved or denied? 

We aim to let all successful submitters know in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, due to our high volume of emails, we are unable to provide feedback to every unsuccessful submission. So if you have not heard from us, please assume you were unsuccessful but we are always open to see more of your work for future issues.

Who can submit? 

Everyone is welcome to submit to our magazine. We just ask if you are not the photographer, that you provide the photographer's written consent in your submission email. As well, a release form will be provided to all approved submissions.

How do I get on the cover? 

At this time, we do NOT take cover requests unless under certain circumstances. We occasionally shoot our own covers, but the majority of the time, the final decision will be based on the editor-in-chief's or the team's decision of the special  image that  best suits the cover or the issue.

I am featured, do I get a free printed copy? 

Unfortunately, we are a print-on-demand publication via a third party printer, Magcloud. Magcloud does not provide any free copies or any discounts. However, we send you JPG tear sheets of your feature after the issue release.

Why is the magazine so expensive? 

We try to make our magazine affordable by limiting the pages of each issue, but we are afraid Magcloud prices and shipping costs (as Magcloud ship internationally) may vary depending on where you are in the world.

Do you supply pull letters? 

No. We only provide pull letters for images that will be used exclusively for the magazine.

Do you accept samples/items for product reviews? 

Yes, we do. A mailing  address will be provided once excepted.

Do you accept items for product placements? 

Yes, we do.  Pricing information will be provided once excepted and approved.